What mattress to choose ?

What mattress choose when it was the fragile back, sciatica, a lumbar disk herniation, lumbago or other back problems?
What is the best mattress (Geltex, latex, spring mattresses, foam mattress Shape Memory) to relieve back pain and/or which allows you to sleep at night when it was back in the Miette?
The best mattress is it really the solution to the problems of dos and vice versa a bad mattress in Is it really the cause? (We think yes because it is something that is meant to say since it is very small, but…and if it was a commonplace?)

You may be reading these lines because you do not can more you wake up every morning with a sore back unbearable (or is it your neck that makes you suffer, or still are-this headache?), and you criticise your new mattress that you has heard an arm, then that your spouse who is sleeping on the same mattress sleeping like a baby.

Pain aggravated by the supine

The supine is the medical term to describe a body based in the horizontal (a body lying in a bed is a body in supine).

And if I opens this parenthesis, it is because it is sufficient to make a search in Google on the words “aggravated by the supine” to see a series of results certe, indigestible (mainly of medical documents) but in searching a little, eventually understand that this evil of Dos, these headaches, these pain in the neck, in the nape of the neck or shoulders that we rot life all the morning are pathology problems compounded by the fact to stay coated, and not at all by the quality of the mattress.

Pathologies such as osteoarthritis, Lumbar channel narrow, tumors intra-spinal, back pain, lumbar disk herniation, herniated disc cervical, neuralgia cervicobrachial, scabs, are at the origin of Pain aggravated by the fact of remained lying and stationary for an extended period of time.

To the point that some people severely affected are forced to sleep Foundation, see standing…

Nevertheless, it is worth when even always better sleep on the best mattress possible, rather than on a mattress that offers no support and will only exacerbate the problem.
When to know if the best mattress is latex mattresses, Foam shape memory, pocket springs or even a water bed…it is more a question of quality of support and level of firmness offered by the mattress that of constitution or type of manufacture.

How to choose a good mattress?

A good mattress is a mattress that offers sufficient support in the body when it is lying in a neutral position: the vertebral column, the buttocks, the heels, the shoulders and the head must be supported properly.

A mattress too firm leads to a support too important on at least one of these points (which are the points of pressures the more important when one is lying down.)
A mattress too soft only offers the contrary not enough support to these parts of the body and this is paid cash with pain as soon as you wake up, if not in full night.

More than the mark or the type of mattresses, c is the quality and the firmness of the mattress, the level of support that counts and if a mattress more farm is better suited to the people who have back problems, the best compromise is unquestionably a mattress offering a moderately support farm to farm.

A study has been conducted in Spain, of which it is apparent that the people who have back problems sleep better and have less back pain to the alarm clock when they sleep in a mattress offering a supports moderately firm.

Does A Firm Mattress Get Softer ?

So you bought a new firm mattress and you’re actually happy with it since it’s new, fresh and useful. But here’s the thing, after few weeks of using it you started feeling just like if the mattress is basically killing your back and hurting you a lot especially during the long night of sleep. So you might be wondering after all of this, does a firm mattress get softer ? Well, glad yourself, because we are going to share with you exactly if a firm mattress will indeed get softer or it will keep being firm.

Does A Firm Mattress Get Softer
Look, if this is a new mattress that you’ve bought then basically you have two choices depending on the type of the memory foam mattress you got. First, there is a brand new high-quality mattress and good used low-quality mattress. Based on your choice, we can define whether your mattress will sag over time or it will keep its thickness. So let’s check your options :




1- High-Quality Mattress :


And yes, you’ve decided to go with a high-quality firm mattress that it’s going to last to you longer because as we always know, your mattress is your investment. And sure, it will last for a much higher period of time than a low-quality mattress and probably it’s not going to be a pain for you. However, once the mattress starts getting older and you get used to it you’ll start feeling that maybe it’s hurting your back. Again, I’m not speaking about those who don’t suffer from any back pain from a firm mattress, but I believe they are rare since most of us actually suffer from our mattresses. So, if you’re one of those people who actually is dying from their firm high-quality mattress and wondering if their mattress will get any softer, I have a great news for you.
Yes !
It will get softer over time and be sagging but not the level that you’ll have to worry about because remember it’s a high-quality one. So be patient and give few months.


2- Low-Quality Mattress :


Unlike a great mattress, a good low-quality firm one is absolutely a choice for those who cannot afford a 4-figure mattress and they’d rather go with a simple useful mattress that will give a normal sleep. Nothing special 🙂
But just as your friends above, if you’re wondering will my firm mattress get softer? Then, I got a great news for you too. Matter fact, I got even a better news for you. Yes, your mattress will get softer even faster and better than a high-quality firm mattress and you won’t have to wait a lot for getting sagging. And this brings me to another point, you don’t want your mattress to get too softer because it will get it much worse than the beginning.

So there you go, if you have a firm mattress and you’re asking if it’s going to get softer, then yes it will just be patient.

Thank’s 🙂